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Offering long term and short term stays. All stays include play time and socialization. You don't pay for the extras that other places charge for like giving medication, feeding your own food or extra play time. Reservations are a must as space is limited.

All dogs must show proof of current shots and be on flea/tick preventative. If needed Capstar will be given at a charge of $8.00 as needed for fleas.

Boarding by size :

 $20.00 a day small 

 $25.00 med. 

 $30.00 large

 x-large $35.00

 xx-large $45.00

  Drop off and pick up time is by appointment only.  If picking up after  6:00pm. then an $12.00 daycare charge will be added.

 Daycare: $12.00 a day. Drop off starts at 7:30am. and pickup is no later then 6:00pm the same day. If later then 6:30pm. then a boarding charge of $20.00   will be added and you can pick your pet up the next day. So please call if picking up late. 

 Chauffeur services by appointment only call for details on price.

Remember reservations and appointment times are a must.

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