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Faithful Companion Grooming

Full dog grooming by appointment only!

 Grooming includes clip, bath, ear cleaning and anal glands

price for grooms is at a base price and may increase due to coat condition

small dog 0-30 lbs. $60.00// mini groom $48.00

med dog 30-50 lbs.. $70.00// mini groom $58.00

large dog 50-70 lbs. $85.00// mini groom $65.00

x-large dog 70-90 lbs. $95.00// mini groom $75.00

xx-large 90 lbs. and over $ 110.00// mini groom $85.00

mini groom is face, feet and hygiene only

Scissor clip add $25.00 to any groom

Bath and condition: ears and glands included

small $40.00

med $ 50.00

large $60.00

x-large $70.00

xx-large $80.00

Nail trim included with groom

Nail trim without bath or groom $10.00

Nail grind with bath or groom $11.00

Nail grind without bath or groom $ 13.00

Brush teeth $5.00

Polish nails $7.00

Brush-out $20.00 per hour

De-matting $25.00 per hour

Stencil paint & art $3.00 to start &

$ 1.00 a minute after that. 

chauffeur service is by appointment only call for detail on prices

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