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   Basic obedience, heel, sit, down, stay and come to gain control and respect from your dog. With patience, kindness, consistency and timing most dogs can be trained.

Private lessons in your home to help with the issues you are having. Start at $50.00 an hour per dog. All dogs are different so what works for one may not work for another. Finding what works for you and your dog is the key to training. Motivation with praise, treats and toys are the best ways to train and it's fun for you and your dog.

Agility training is another fun way to train. It helps your dog focus on you as the leader. It is a great way to build confidence in shy dogs and to exert energy in over active dogs. It gives your dog a job and you both benefit from it. Lesson are $160.00 for 4 one hour class (basic obedience is a prerequisite). If your dog does not know basic obedience then it is $190.00 for 5 one hour classes

Group classes: $120.00 for 6 weeks of one hour classes. Groups are small only 5-8 dogs. Great way to learn the basics and socialization.

Paw Camp: 2-3 weeks in my home. Lessons are daily one hour basic obedience. 3 one hour playtime with socialization. 2 thirty minute in house manners. 4 half hour lesson at your home included after Paw camp.

$900.00 for the first 2 weeks and $300.00 for the third week.

Behavior modification and potty camp 3-4 weeks in my home. They are much more structured and take more time. You can't fix a long standing problem over night and YOU as the owner MUST continue to work with your dog after training. If YOU as the owner don't then your dog will revert back to the bad behavior.

Daily 2 one hour basic obedience. 2 thirty minute supervised playtime. Crate training. 4 thirty minute in house manners. 6 half hour lesson in your home included.

$1,800.00 for the first 3 weeks. $600.00 for the fourth and on.

Space is limited call for reservation

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